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Wonder Locked Hippe – The Local Creative Moon Child

Wonder Locked

We’re in the middle of an exciting time for women. The female species is finding a place in her own world; being fiercely loud about what she deserves, where she stands and how the world needs to treat her. We as women are taking back our power and start re-owning who we truly are.

The creative industry is giving women opportunities to shine as they showcase their talents through their crafts. Wonder Locked Hippie is a young Kenyan woman with a creative eye that breeds inspiration in more ways than one.


By her chosen name, you can tell that energy is very vital to Wonder Locked Hippies work. She is all about positive vibes and good energy at all times. First and foremost, Wonder Locked Hippie is a fashion designer and hair stylist whose work is quite impeccable. She is the founder and creative director of the local fashion brand Amanda Fashions and she is also quite the talented faux locks stylist.

I have had the privilege of seeing her designs front row at a local fashion event and her collection was quite impressive. Amanda Fashions is all about African print and outfits that are tailored to flatter the African woman’s unique figure. Her brand is size inclusive, African, and urban with a trendy aesthetic.


Her designs pay tribute to the tropical paradise that is our great continent. Her collections include a variety of dresses, pants, kimonos, crop tops, and bomber jackets – all filled with a burst of color.

Her designs would be suitable for women in the younger generation as they give such a youthful vibe. Wonder Locked Hippie is a young girl, barely the age of 30 and already accomplishing so much from her career. She has had the pleasure of dressing some top local fashion bloggers and celebrities; even being featured in major local publications.

Her aura is sisterhood and this is evidenced in the stunning creations from her collection that make every woman wearing them feel as good as she looks. Fashion should make you feel confident and look gorgeous, and Amanda Fashions does just that.


Your hair is your crown. You wear it every day and Wonder Locked Hippie is a lover of the Boho crown. Faux locks are a great protective style choice and certainly a bold look on any woman. Amandaz Faux Locks is yet another business venture created by this phenomenal young woman.

One look at her and you want to have her outfit and get a similar hairdo, so she came up with a solution that in return became a source of income. Apart from fashion and hair, she loves to travel and indulge her soul in all forms of art.

She is an African girl chasing her wildest dreams as she stays true to her spirit and keeps women looking their best at every turn.

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