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Doing it the GREEN WAY – eco friendly and zero waste cleaning

Uni Sapon is an Austrian company founded in 1984 in Vorarlberg. Their vision is simple and powerful: our grandmother’s kept the house clean without having a ‘special’ cleaning product for every single room. We too can keep our homes clean with only a few powerful products that simply work.

And clearly, it works! The company demonstrates this by being almost 40 years of age. It’s timeless philosophy still stands strong today, maybe more than ever. All you need is a bottle of natural cleaning concentrate and an empty spray bottle for mixing your cleaning product with water.

cleaning fluid

One bottle of natural cleaning concentrate makes for125 spray-bottles of cleaning fluid. That is 125 plastic bottles NOT ending up in the trash. And that is not even all of the good news. Once your natural cleaning concentrate is empty you can refill the very same bottle again. This means that you never produce any waste by using a Uni Sapon product.

Common cleaning solutions are heavily diluted with water, containing very little actual cleaning substance (not to mention all the toxins being harmful to humans and nature alike). On top of that, they are transported from big warehouses on long motorway rides, burning fossil fuels all the way. Uni Sapon’s solution is not only easier but also a lot gentler on the environment and your spending. That way you don’t only save the planet, but also money!

Curious about the product’s Uni Sapon offers? Take a look!

Currently, Uni Sapon is available in all German-speaking countries, as well as in the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. For a list of shops and refill stations click here.

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How do you keep your home clean? Do you have any experience with eco-friendly cleaning solutions? Let us know in the comments, the Fab Team is curious to find out.

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