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The Phoenix is rising in DeniMania style

From Lockdown Lows and Highs To Digital Lockdown Concert Series

As I sat in lockdown quietly in solitude, I could hear everything in life so much more clearly. The birds chirped louder and the breeze brushed though the leaves even louder, but the one thing that did not change was the fact that I found myself sitting in the same house moving in the same direction and doing the same things over and over again.

With travel bans and closed borders, and the long list of restrictions that still goes on and on, I finally set myself on the pursuit of a virtual journey that would allow me to get away temporarily. I decided to create this concert to enable you and I to travel virtually through my audio waves shared through this Phoenix Rising digital lockdown concert series.


Music takes us all on a journey differently. Sometimes it lingers around the genre and other times it lingers in the language of delivery of song. Many times it could be just the hook or the melodies and harmonies, but either way, we get to traverse so far and beyond just through music. I have set the music selection to celebrate some of my music legends through renditions while highlighting some of my music originals including DeniMania.

First up is “Oringo Bayoyo”which is one of my favourites; a song that rekindles my childhood memories followed by a teaser from Don, “my latest single from an original collabo with Xander Pratt. In this new day, there is power in claiming power.” I want to don, he wants to don and I want you to don so we can all vibrate in our highest.

‘Previsao’s rendition, originally produced by BussaCucaNova Ft Adriana Calcanhotto follows right after, transporting you to Brazil, where I fell in love with the Brazilian culture enough to use music as my tool to learn the language.

Shortly, I swing into my reggae blues through a reggae mash-up rendition on this set where I get to rendition Frankie Paul’s, ‘Pass the Tu-Sheng Peng,’ a little bit of Barrington Levy’s ‘Too experienced,‘ Buju Banton’s ‘Love sponge’ Beres Hammond & Buju Banton’s ‘Falling In love’ and hints of Chaka Demus ‘Bam Bam.’

The set winds down to a Latina mash-up rendition highlighting La negra no quiere by Grupo Niche as I also bring back El Cuarto De Tula by Buena Vista Social Club.

Through this Phoenix Rising experience that amply demonstrates my ability to take you on a virtual journey moving through into different musical terrains chanting in different languages and genres, I would like to elevate your sensory to another level.

Alongside the music, my latest Phoenix Rising series, DeniMania, is filled with my signature flair from my variety of style-forward wardrobe pieces highlighted by our Liz Ogumbo upcycled denim pieces from my denim fashion collection. These pieces are showcased throughout my performance, all from my acclaimed fashion label.

The art from my personal home art collection features Zanzibarian street artist, Luiya while complimenting the overall theme. Liz Ogumbo Wines pairs with a touch of home-made cuisine delights all enveloped into this general ambience of positivity, love, fun and excellence that tantalises all senses.


While make-up artists, Zakiyya Bham & Sydney Davi have ensured the look is complimentary to the theme of this series, each moment has been captured by the lens of Jamie Rae on stills.


Co-produced by Kgaugelo Sebata and myself, this brand new docu-series is set to launch on the 28th Feb 2021 on Platform ZA with following episodes to release at the end of each month.

Download the press release  – Save the date and enjoy the new series.

Yours fabulously,


Multidisplinary Creative Entrepreneur,

Liz Ogumbo



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