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Top 5 African Photographers & Why They Stand out

top 5 african photographers

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In recent times, numerous African photographers have come to the fore in the world of photography with their unique ways of capturing the world around them. In this post, we’ll take a look at top 5 African Photographers along with their approach to photography, which makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd. So, without further ado, let’s get things going!

1. Safaa Mazirh

Safaa Mazirh is one of modern Africa’s most highly-rated photographers, and for good reason. For starters, she’s completely self-taught. What makes her work even more special is that it’s all mostly black and white imagery. Most of her work in photography is characterized by the way she captures light at play and her tight framing. Her techniques result in images that capture very real scenes but ones that look unreal.

top 5 african photographers
By David Bartus von Pexels

2. Fatma Fahmy

Fatma Fahmy is an Egyptian photographer based in the South African city of Johannesburg. She has earned several accolades for her work in an Alexandrian tram, where she captured the moods of commuters who had no idea of her presence in their vicinity. Her aim was simple – to give form to overheard conversations, stolen glances, and thoughts unsaid in the daily lives of regular people who each had their own stories.

3 more to go in our top 5 African photographer list

3. Kadara Enyeasi

Kadara Enyeasi is a Nigerian photographer who is regarded as one of Africa’s best fine art photographers. Enyeasi started taking an interest in photography during his high school days when he would mostly take photos of his family. However, the interest developed, and he gradually started to appreciate the role of light, shadow, and forms. He is also known for finding poetic beauty in forms and characters, and presenting them vividly in his work.

4. Phumzile Khanyile

South African photographer Phumzile Khanyile initially wanted to paint, and her love of painting is still evident in her photography work. She has a keen interest in capturing people as they go about their daily lives and believes in capturing the most mundane of mannerisms to create stories and characters. She is also one of the few modern photographers who put a greater emphasis on emotions rather than technique.

5. Prince Gyasi

Ghanaian Prince Gyasi was first introduced to photography at the Makola Market in Ghana’s capital, Accra. He liked to observe and follow a photographer who worked at a studio located in the market. In the years to come, he developed an interest in painting as well. This love for both painting and photography has given Prince Gyasi a unique style – a form of visual art that’s essentially a mix of painting and photography at its core.

top 5 african photographers

They are unique!

That’s what sets them apart

By Gautam von Pexels

We know there are more than 5 top African photographers on the continent. In future Art blogs we would showcase more great minds across the African creative scene. If you are a creative and want to connect, contact us. Not to miss out on our next showcase, join the FAB community here

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