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Oh, my mum does that too! An Ode to African Mums

An African Mum wearing a yellow shirt cuddling her grand-daughter in front of a garden

Oftentimes, when I sit with my friends, we wonder if all African mums have a manual, if there is a secret school they all have to attend, or something. We would talk, laugh, and compare ‘notes’. “Oh, my mum does that too”, Every single one of these statements would induce a fresh burst of laughter with a mixture of nostalgia and a secret longing in me to become an African mum.

I think it is a form of unwritten culture that binds all African mothers. Africa is a continent of strong values and traditions. The evolution of these factors over the years is what has built mothers to be amazing, strong, and beautiful. It doesn’t matter which part of Africa you are in; these reasons why I look forward to becoming an African mum must be relatable. Here is an Ode to Women


We all put a call through back home to ask for recipes or some information on culture. African mothers are custodians of recipes, keepers of culture, and archives for home remedies and tricks. They know what to do to make you feel better. Hot chocolate for a cold morning, a quick green tea for an upset stomach—I’d like to bridge the cultural gap between my generation and the next.

Long-term clothing

This is done in two ways. Some throwback pictures of you would make you burst with pride, but there is always that one picture that would make you wonder what your mum was thinking when she dressed you up. What do African mums have with oversized clothes? The only explanation must be that they have a united oath to promote sustainability. For the humour of it, I’d like to gift my kids something to laugh about too.

Her Wardrobe

Here is where you come when you need to dress in full traditional attire for a cultural day at school or anywhere at all. She has everything to make a complete regalia. There’s always something to make do with in Mama’s wardrobe. It could be some unused fabric: Ankara, kente, or kikoy; a blouse or a skirt that can be restyled. Some designers have been inspired by their African mum’s wardrobe; it’s usually the first workshop for many. African fashion to the world: The Global Ascension of African Style

The Great Errand

Have you also travelled across the ocean to give your African mum the TV control that was just beside her? I know you have. Those moments were the highlights of growing up that we all reminisce about. We’ll never know why they made us do it, but I know why I’m going to do it.

Eye for Quality

You are less likely to get swindled in the market when you go shopping with an African mum. Years of experience maybe, but they can tell which is the real fabric or which is the original bead. I don’t know anyone more skilled in getting their money’s worth in quality.

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