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Earthical Tones Collection by Abrantie The Gentleman

Ghanaian designer, Abrantie The Gentleman unveiled the luxurious African “Earthical Tones” collection with print fabrics from authentic Ghanaian Textile Prints (GTP fashion).  The brand represents African tradition and style with class, confidence, charm and timeless elegance, coupled with different elements of art that define a gentleman.

The inspired silhouettes offer impeccable tailoring for the modern gentleman, nostalgic of print and plain dress style. It makes a classic Ghanaian suit ensemble from African prints and solids. 

Earthical Tones redefine African luxury with soulful creation in every detail. Made in Ghana, it is a fusion of African print heritage and modernized accessories, rich in color and detailed finishing. Each piece is a composition of talent that reaches beyond fashion.

Earthical Tones

Earthical Tones embodies contemporary art forms weaved from culture and style. Inspiration for the coming generation, the collection is an expression of the inner soul without a second thought.

Earthical Tones

Designed and produced with African prints, the ready to wear collection retails along with customized menswear from casual shirts, pants, shorts, bowtie, pocket geometry, and boxers.

Abrantie The Gentleman is associated with unique gentlemanly looks, quality workman-ship and countless details exclusively created by Oheneba Yaw Boamah, targeting people with a passion for African culture and taste from all over the world.

Earthical Tones

Earthical Tones

Abrantie’s aim is to project and promote African fashion and culture. 

African Luxurious Earthical Tone Collection

Photography: @twinsdntbeg @swagofafricanews

REFERENCE: www.abrantiethegentleman.com

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