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Wine | Fashion | Photography @ The Narativ

In the ambience of the minimized-fuss in the boutique atmosphere and calm of ‘The Narativ,’ located at 385 Tompkins in Brooklyn, NYC on an easy Wednesday evening, Liz Ogumbo boldly took over the Boutique while extending her sapphire of finesse through her wine-tasting fused with the element of style offering from her fashion brand “Liz Ogumbo” through the lens of New York Fashion Photographer, Donn Thompson of Drac Inc a force within the photography-sphere.

It was slightly just about 30 minutes before the official hour when Trini Amber brought a touch of her beauty therapy into the house while gently accentuating Liz’s features to bring in the right kind play to match the fashion that would later be revealed that evening.

The Soiree attracted a diverse group of New Yorkers whose senses were tantalized by Liz Ogumbo’s wine whilst their vision was stimulated through her fashion element as Liz changed clothes every 20 minutes. While Amber switched up Liz’s look through a variety of make-up looks for each style, the shots snapped through Don’s lens all through the evening capturing moments you and I will remember for a while.

Liz Ogumbo Wines included her signature Pinotage 2013 “Mon Homme,” and her Chenin Blanc Chardonnay 2017 “Msenangu.” Liz Ogumbo Wines are referred to as music in wine due to the fact that all her wines begin their journey through the influence of her music. Her two debut wines; Msenangu & Mon Homme are inspired by her music from her latest album, KenSoul The Lotus Chapter.

Her fashion offering is inspired by her African heritage for the fashion-savvy individual through sleek cuts, simple-yet provocative design and attitude from the inside out and ensures that every day is celebrated as an opportunity to make our mark through what we wear.

Liz Ogumbo-Regisford is a creative entrepreneur, originally from Kenya, based in South Africa with a specific focus in fashion, music, wine & food. She is a fashion designer under her brand label ‘Liz Ogumbo’, Music Performing artist, under her music brand ‘KenSoul,’ host & producer of Fashion Lab Africa TV & radio show and recently introduced her premium wine brand, ‘Liz Ogumbo’ into the wine market.

Over the past decade, this formidably focused Kenyan has established herself as creative entrepreneur whose work in music, fashion, television, radio and wine. Through all these, she shares an enviable commitment to excellence and to fostering relationships and projects that advance the African creative industries globally. Whether it’s writing, recording and performing her original music, designing for her eponymous fashion label, hosting and producing Fashion Lab Africa TV and radio, or introducing her new wine brand, ‘Liz Ogumbo’, into the market.

Unquestionably the new face of modern Africa, she is as much rooted in the continent she loves as well as the global community that is fast embracing her irresistible vision.

“When you finally get to Brooklyn, make a stop at The Narativ and get yourself some great fashion items, and If you fancy a photoshoot, reach out to Drac Inc. And just incase my fashion pieces knock you off your socks, email us at [email protected] and for a piece of my wine offering email us at info@lizogumbowines.”

Look out for the “Phoenix Rising” Experience coming to your world post-covid because we only got started.

Stay safe, be sensible and take responsibility so we can be together soon.


Yours fabulously,

Liz Ogumbo-Regisford

For further inquiries;

E: [email protected] | [email protected] | [email protected] |

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